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RFQ: Virginia Community College System

Solar Array project at Virginia Western Community College

2Citystudio has submitted qualifications for Category B Professional Services with the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) to help support its ACHIEVE 2015 Strategic Plan goals! We understand VCCS is actively engaged in improving the economic and civic vitality of the Commonwealth by providing affordable education and workforce training.

2Citystudio Principals have benefited directly from the Workforce training program of VCCS and provided benefit to the system through architectural services as well over the years. 2Citystudio is ready to help by providing the services you need in a friendly, cooperative manner with the needs of the System and Students at heart. We are an experienced team of professionals that have formed a new professional services firm. We see the innovations of the future and are thrilled to be part of a changing, global market. We are nimble, empathetic, and are excited to engage and understand more deeply, the VCCS mission to bring: “A better JOB. A better LIFE. A better FUTURE.” to ALL citizens of the Commonwealth. Our three Principals are awarded and talented problem solvers with the experience of larger firms to help guide various tasks and disciplines in simple and complex projects, but with the personality of a small firm.

(Recent work for VCCS includes the Solar Array project show above, completed with Dunlap & Partners Associates, Louisa Engineering, and Richmond Bysolar, and 2Citystudio partner Scott Kyle)

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