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Flushing Our Water Down the Toilet – Sustainable Water Use, Lesson 1 for Independent Schools

The majority of the water that has been extracted, cleaned, treated and delivered to our houses and businesses is being used to flush toilets. Seems counterintuitive on every level, doesn’t it? Some ways to involve students and staff directly with water savings measures is through the retrofit of your current plumbing fixture valves and aerators: sinks, toilets, and urinals. These fixtures likely represent 95% of your water consumption and water/wastewater bill. Making them 50% more efficient would represent the same savings in your water/wastewater bill. For example, a standard tank toilet can be retrofitted with a valve than can save up to 70% of water use for about $25 cost for the valve. These can be easily installed by a student as part of a trade/study project.¬†Bathrooms represent about 75% of household water use. For more visit >>.