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Project Management

We love what we do and we know you do to. Our goal as project managers is to make every project enjoyable for our clients, consultants, and contractors. It’s not always possible but it remains a goal. Why would we want to operate a project any other way?

2 City Studio believes the best way to start a project is to listen to our clients first. Developing a respectful and honest business relationship builds the needed foundation for a successful project. This same relationship building has forged strong relationships with our consultants. This integrated team works together with the client to define the project goals and expectations.

The 2 City Studio principals have developed strong problem solving skills that we bring to each project. We provide the leadership necessary to establish project parameters at the project outset. Our expertise in educational planning and design gives us the ability to identify key issues involved in most project types. Many of our projects have been at existing building occupied during construction.

We have also spent the majority of our professional lives working with client groups. Talent developed through facilitation of these groups has helped us to craft processes that foresee potential schedule breakers and program changes and work to resolve issues by individual or collective meetings as necessary.

2 City Studio will provide a Manager for communication who will be accountable and responsible for coordinating and accomplishing the project objectives. The Manager will be the day to day contact for the planning and design team. An established agenda for discussion will be utilized to confirm all aspects of the project progress in a timely manner.

Quality Control is an integral part of our internal process. Documentation tools and detailed checklists assist us in our roles to evaluate project progress and documents or our entire team. We utilize tools that have been developed based on industry standard check lists such as “Ready Check” combined with many lessons learned through our individual experiences. Documentation is cataloged and accessible for the project team to reference throughout the project.

Our project development tools facilitate our ability to work with our clients and consultants. We begin each project with hand sketches, renderings, and Sketchup models for prelim studies and quick planning to share with the team. The 2 City Studio team works with AutoCAD, Revit, and Collabtive (our project management system) to develop and manage project information.


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