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Peter Paul Community Development Center

Peter Paul Community Development Center
Richmond, Virginia

Scott Kyle, Project Architect (while with BCWH Architects)

Program 10,000 sf new building on a very tight budget. Green Aspects Social outreach/community service, site orientation, efficient HVAC and lighting, daylighting and solar shading, low-VOC materials and paints, multi-functional space, brownfield site. Details PPDC is an outreach and community service ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, serving Church Hill and the neighboring communities in the East End of Richmond. The program runs after school programs and a sfae place to be after school, as well as help with homework, SOLs, reading, and general academic achievement. They work to establish long-term relationships with kids who may not typically have that benefit, and thus help to instill help and hope. The program for the new building was established with the help of the Board and staff and represented the ongoing dreams of what a future Center could do for he program. WIth a limited budget the design team was very sensitive to material costs and the escalating construction market costs at the time. We were able to create a plan that addressed nearly all of the programmatic needs by combining spaces and working with staff on scheduling and sharing. The final design worked to eliminate maintenance, provide security, allow views and daylighting, and feel like home after school.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Design: 2006, Construction: 2008
Cost: $2 Million