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Trevvett Elementary School Renovation

Trevvett Elementary School Renovation
Henrico, Virginia

Scott Kyle, Project Manager/Designer (while with BCWH Architects)

Mr. Kyle was the project manager/designer as part of a team that included a principal-in-charge, two intern architects, and an interior designer. The $4.5 million renovation of this K-5, 55,000 sf, 500 student, 1950s neighborhood school focused on daylighting, green materials, and a preconditioned-air HVAC/unit ventilator system, to help turn around the direction of teaching conditions of the school.

A four-point system was devised that accomplished exterior solar shading, an interior light-shelf to bounce light from the clear high windows onto the ceiling, tinted, low-e vision glazing, and a tack-board surface with rigid insulation panels for greater thermal efficiency in the expansive window system. This was all done in a vernacular style fitting of the 1950s original building with the result being a new identity and longevity within its current neighborhood home.

Henrico County Public Schools
Design: 2002, Construction: 2005
Cost: $4.5 million